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Bell said the plan to produce pickups at Oshawa Assembly has been in the works for some time now and said GM has long-term plans for the facility, which was shut down in 2019 after the Chevy Impala and Cadillac XTS were discontinued. “Construction has already started. This is not something we dreamed up a few weeks ago,” Bell told AN. “This is has been going on for quite some time. This is a full-blown investment. This is building a body shop. This is unique in a sense we’re building our bodies. We’re serious about having this flexibility and capacity for quite some time here. That’s where the billion-plus (investment figure) comes from.” Oshawa Assembly is GM’s third pickup truck production plant, joining Flint Assembly in Michigan and Fort Wayne Assembly in Indiana. The Flint plant builds the Chevy Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD , while Fort Wayne handles production of the light duty versions of the two pickups. The Oshawa Assembly plant is unique in that it will build the Silverado HD and Sierra HD alongside the light duty versions of the trucks. [Finance] [Insurance]

Another of Corbalis’ concerns was erosion around the intake structure. Dalton said he discovered that “riprap” — large stones, basically — is needed around the structure to prevent erosion. The town has applied to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for permission to install riprap, he said. Corbalis noted there are no bollards or chains blocking general access to the intake property. “Many times, the town has put up bollards and chains” only source to see them removed or destroyed, Dalton said. A chain itself isn’t enough to discourage trespassing, he said. The town is working with an adjacent landowner to have a bollard installed on that property, Dalton wrote in a report to the council’s Streets & Utilities Committee. “This, too, while better than just placing a chain across the town’s frontage, will only go so far in limiting access,” he wrote. Corbalis told the council he found a portion of some stairs at the intake were undermined and handrails were gone.